In Pocahontas County, applications for a passport and/or passport card may be made in the Office of the Circuit Clerk. Applicants will need a completed passport application and proof of US Citizenship, either in the form of an old passport or a certified copy of a birth certificate, One (1) recent passport photograph and the required fees. Passport Cards can only be used for land and sea travel, for air travel you must have a passport book.

Passports generally take four (4) to six (6) weeks to process; if you need your passport sooner (within 2 to 3 weeks) then you will also need to include the Expedite Fee of $60.00 with your check or money order to the US Department of State. You can also have your passport returned to you by overnight delivery service for an additional fee.

Photograph requirements are listed on the back of the application. Applications for passports are available in the Office of the Circuit Clerk or online at If you have special concerns or requirements regarding your passport, please visit the US Department of State website to ensure you have all proper documentation.

We are an Acceptance Agent only, passports and birth certificates are mailed directly to you from the Department of State.

To Download the APPLICATION FOR A US PASSPORT please click here


To Download the US PASSPORT RENEWAL please
click here.


 For all other situations please see the U.S. Department of State website.

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